Monday, April 4, 2011

South East Asia Day 10

April 2008

For those of you who don't know much about Cambodian history (or world history), Cambodia has a very sad past, in particular the genocide that occurred under Pol Pot. The Cambodian people are very open with their experiences during this period in history and at this stage in our trip we visited some of the sites prominent in that period.

That morning we visited the Killing Fields and S-21 a torture prison. I don't know how anyone can go to these places and live life in the same way you did before. It's a life changing experience and one that made me question some of my approaches to life in general. When we visited pictures were encouraged and you walked over pieces of clothing and bone. I have made a conscious decision not to post these pictures, but if you don't know much about this time in history please check out some of the online resources, such as that of Yale University.

After our sobering morning we visited Friends for lunch, which trains street children in the Hospitality industry.

After lunch we visited the Grand Palace and the Silver Pagoda (with the spectacular emerald Buddha). Followed by a trip to the Russian Markets. The street 178 to check out the local artists. Finally stopping at the outdoor market near the harbour, to try some tasty critters.

That night we ended up at The Foreign Correspondents Club, this time for dinner.

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  1. Hey-just wanted to say that I am loving your blog. You're giving me a lot of ideas for upcoming trips to SE Asia. Thanks!