Tuesday, February 22, 2011

South East Asia Day 3

April 2008

I had visited Thailand in 2001, visiting Phuket only, so this was a new location for myself and DH. I was a bit disappointed with the traffic, obviously those who think Bangkok's traffic is hectic have never been to Beijing or Ho Chi Minh City!

When we arrived in Bangkok we made our way to the taxi rank, where we were asked where our destination was, given a slip of paper and directed to a taxi. This slip is apparently used to help reduce the chances of a rouge taxi driver ripping you off, and we had no issue with our friendly cabby.

Once we checked into our hotel The Grande Ville (which was ok, but I think we could have found better for the same price), the we headed down via Tuk Tuk to the Pat Pong Road markets, grabbing dinner along the way. Not being much into shopping, we were happy to look around and enjoy our first Thai dinner (yummo!). The Tuk Tuk ride was hairy to say the least, but all part of the Bangkok experience.

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