Thursday, January 20, 2011

Milford Sound, New Zealand

January 2011

We decided to do our Milford Sound tour with Real Journeys. There are many providers to choose from, but we chose Real Journeys as they had a bus service from Te Anau, which enabled both of us to enjoy the trip down to Milford Sound (as you'll see soon the drive is almost as spectacular as the sound itself).

We were picked up from our accommodation at 7:30 am in a large bus with windows in the ceiling. We stopped at the Mirror Lakes for pictures, but the wind was up a bit so they weren't a real mirror, but you got the idea.

We boarded the Wander for our 2.5 hours on the Milford Sound, which goes right out to the sea entry. Unfortunately the weather wasn't the best, it was overcast so we never got to see Mitre peak and there was an overall drab feeling, but I enjoyed our trip and could see why people recommended only a day cruise not the overnight trip.

We got back on the bus and started the drive back to Te Anau (about 1.5 hours in good weather), stopping for a 20 minute walk at The Chasm.

We also got to see plenty of the cheeky Kea here.

Stopped again just after the Homer Tunnel to do the Homer Alpine Nature walk, in the pouring rain. I would just skip this 20 minute walk and take pictures from the car park, but that could be the rain talking.

We finished off enjoying the view on the remaining drive home, arriving back in Te Anau at 4 pm.

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