Saturday, January 22, 2011

Doubtful Sound, New Zealand

January 2011

Just as our Milford Sound trip, we did Doubtful sound with Real Journeys. Unlike Milford, there are not as many options for Doubtful sound, and even less that offer overnight on Doubtful.

We were picked up from our accommadation in Te Anau and taken on the 20 minute drive to Lake Manapouri. Once there we picked up the tickets for our trip and had our lunch (BYO unless you pre-pay for the picnic pack) waiting for the boat.

We caught the 1 hour ferry ride across the lake to Deep Cove, before catching another bus down to where our boat will be. We stopped off on the way to catch the spectacular view of Doubtful Sound and was informed that they hadn't been able to see this view for 2 weeks!

We boarded the Fiorland Navigator, and then headed out to the sea entry to check out the seal colony. To our delight we were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Little Blue Penguins, about six of them bobbing out in the water.

We then headed up the Bradshaw Sound to dock for the night at Precipice Cove. We enjoyed the soup course (first time in my life and probably the last!), before doing the evening activities of either kayaking or the 18 seater Zodiac boat, DH and I choose the Zodiac!

Shortly after our activity finished we enjoyed a buffet dinner of lamb, green lipped mussels and hot smoked salmon, the food was pretty good until we got into the Pavlova debate (that is who invented it, Australia or New Zealand).  We enjoyed a short nature talk with slides after dinner before heading off to bed.

Woke up about 6:30 am when the motor starts back up! Had a good buffet breakfast before heading outside to catch the great view.

Travel down to the end of Halls Arm and enjoyed a 5 minute Sound of Silence, no motor, no noise, just the birds and the water.

Arrive back at the dock, before starting our trip back to Te Anau.

I highly recommend this trip, which may have been aided by the great weather we had. These pictures do not lie, it was a spectacular experience.

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