Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hong Kong and Eastern Europe Day 24

September 2009

Day 24

In the morning we caught a cab to the bus rank, with a driver who kept on playing a catching song over and over (I thought it was titled Moski Voui, but could not find it on itunes or online when I returned, if you know what I might be talking about I would love to know what it is and where I can download it).

We arrived in Trogir and spent some time walking through the old town, viewing the cathedral, the walks and the promenade. We had Cevapcici and hamburger for lunch ( it had been a while since I'd enjoyed Cevapcici), before catching the bus to Siberik.

In Siberik, we settled into our hotel on the harbour before going on a guided tour with our group, where we saw St Michael's Cathedral with it's beautiful stained glass, the old town and the cat & dog bowl built into the wall! DH and I decided to walk up to the fortress and enjoyed watching the sun set.

We had dinner of scampi in crepes and local mussels at Vijecnica in the old city hall, which while enjoyable was a bit over rated for the price, before enjoying ice cream for our walk back to the hotel.

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