Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hong Kong and Eastern Europe Day 22

September 2009

Day 22

We caught the local bus with our new tour group to the old town, to re-do the walking tour we did with our first group, it was great seeing it all again and there was a lot less people making it easier to stop and just look. Going through our pictures at home I can't believe how many we took from the city walls!

We grabbed a quick lunch of sandwiches from a local bakery and enjoyed lunch down by the harbour with all the cats! We enjoyed a nice drink at Pizzareia Dommanica, just enjoying the view and the wonderful weather, before heading back to the hotel.

We enjoyed our final dinner in Dubrovnik at Kampas, where I strayed from my usual of squid to enjoy the salmon pasta, while DH enjoyed the seafood pasta.

I have to say Dubrovnik definitely lived up to the hype and I was glad we got to enjoy some downtime here. But it is expensive, and we found this out more so as we headed up the coast of Croatia and the prices just seemed to drop, I guess the downside of being such a big tourist and cruise destination.

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