Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hong Kong and Eastern Europe 2009 Day 2

September 2009

Day 2

We started the morning with a ferry trip across the harbour Hong Kong Island and we walked up to the location of the Peak Tram (due to us not researching what time the buses actually started running, which was a few hours from when we planned). Many people review the Peak Tram as over rated or expensive, but we used our MTR tickets to get a reduced rate and loved the view both going upwards to The Peak and downwards. The view from The Peak is amazing, even if the day isn't perfect, which it wasn't when we visited, and at least it makes an interesting people watching exercise. But for me (and my parents) a trip to Hong Kong is not complete without a visit for this view day or night (I have yet to see it at night but my parents assure me it's spectacular).

After taking the tram back down the Peak (which is a lot less crowded than the trip going up), we headed off to find a traditional Hong Kong Yum Cha house, also in this area of Hong Kong. Although the address was perfect and the description good, we found ourselves searching for what was in front of our face. It was great to pick items of the trolley, in which we had no idea what they were, to watch the old men sipping their tea and reading the paper and to be immersed in a true local experience.

We then caught the Star Ferry back across the harbour, to catch the MTR to our next sight seeing adventure - the 10,000 Buddhas. Now even though we had pretty good instructions from the Tripadvisor boards, we could not figure out how to get to the actual Buddhas. The best we got was a glimpse of them through the fence of the burial grounds located in front of the 10,000 Buddha site. Not exactly what we had in mind, but you've got to give these things a try. We headed back to Kowloon for a noodle dinner, before heading off to the harbour front to catch the nightly light show. This spectacular nightly sound and light show, utilises a number of the tall buildings in the harbour and can be viewed from either side of the harbour. All in all, a great day in the wonderful place that is Hong Kong.

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