Sunday, June 14, 2015

Seoul, South Korea

June 2015

The main attraction with Seoul for me was I needed a long weekend getaway with a direct flight from Sydney. I was running out of options but Seoul kept popping up. People raved about the food, the culture and weather (early summer escape from a early winter here in Sydney). It was perfect. It was just what I  needed. I'm just disappointed I couldn't see what the rest of South Korea had to offer this time around.

The Plaza, Seoul. In the Business district across from City Hall and about 500 m from the closest subway entrance. The only issue was early morning coffee on the weekend took time to source!

I am not unfamiliar with Korean food (although I am sad to admit I didn't try Korean Fried Chicken until last year and I only try Bibimbap for the first time about 5 years ago!). But Korean food is so much more than that.

Make sure you get your Tcard for easy train and bus travel, just top it up, tap on and tap off and you get to your destination in no time

Visit the DMZ, in particular the JSA

Stroll Apgujeong Street and Garosu-gil

Visit the Noryangjin Fish Markets

 Learn about Seoul's history at the Seoul Museum of History

Eat with the locals at the Gwangjang Markets

Stroll the Women's Street and check out the Pear Blossom Mural at Ewha Woman's University - my favourite part of Seoul

Visit the Gyeongbokgung Palace

Visit at Tea House - I enjoyed the iced Plum Tea at Dawon Tea House

Visit the traditional Hanok's

Try Myeong-dong for Hyper Shopping and eat street heaven

Enjoy the views at Namsan Park at the base of the N Seoul Tower

Visit the War Memorial of Korea

 Visit the Changdeokgung Palace with a tour of the Huwan or secret gardens

Enjoy the Namsangol Cultural Village lit by lanterns at night

Stroll Jeongdong-gil St, and enjoy coffee under the trees or in one of the many cafes - the coffee culture in Seoul is nearly as strong as their food culture

Hike the City Walls - 18 km in total, or do as I did and choose a section

Visit a dog cafe such as Bau House - although due to the strong smell this wasn't my cup of tea (or coffee)

Checkout the bright lights of Gangnam


  1. Although your time was brief, it looks like you still got to see and do quite a bit! Were the temperatures humid yet? Or just hot? I remember in July the days could be quite muggy.

    That's cool you got to the War Memorial, that was definitely one of my favorite attractions. And your food pictures are making me drool especially as it is dinner time here.

    If you do make it back to Korea, I highly recommend the region of Gyeonju in the south. It's utterly beautiful there and replete with countless amazing sights.

    1. It was hot but not humid thankfully. I will definitely have to go back and visit the rest of South Korea

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