Friday, September 13, 2013

Wish List: Destination Runs

It's a recent thing, me actually wanting to run and me actually being able to run more than a few meters. Australia has some pretty spectacular races and we've done the Sydney Bridge Run every year for the past two years (you run over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, through the Botanical Gardens and end at the Opera House). But Australia's running events don't have the open times that US events do and that limits me in terms of the half marathon distance. However there are a number of destination runs I would love to do (and I feel are within my capability to do so!):

Hawaii - Kona Marathon

This takes you to the Hawaiian Island of Kona (the one with the Lava). Can't do the 42.2 kilometer distance, then you also have the half (21.1k), the 10k or the 5k. The advantage of this marathon is it's 8 hour cut of time,  and that its on a tropical Island. Where is where the disadvantage comes in (and probably the long cut off), the humidity.

Birdsville - Big Red Run
This one is an ultra marathon, you know one of those races where you don't just run 42.2k, but go further, in fact this one you can "choose" to run up to 250 km in six days....But it raise awareness for a great cause - Type 1 Diabetes.

New York - New Years in Central Park
I covered this one on a previous wish post, but its still at the top of my list. The 4 mile or 6.4 km course starts and midnight. They have fireworks, plenty of supporters and a champagne station, because really would it be NYE without champagne?

Antarctic - Ice Marathon
The attraction to this one because I've never run in snow and I covet the marathon distance, not extremely logical I know. Two things to tick off at once (plus who do you know who's run it?).

And that's just the short list, there are so many runs large and small, short to long distance in every corner of the what are you waiting for?

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  1. These all sound really cool except I'd probably never want to do the one in NYC on NYE. It's such a lock down then and to me just no fun with all the mobs, street restrictions etc! I avoid NYC then ha ha. The ice marathon seems the most unique albeit a bit cold probably!