Friday, April 19, 2013

Wolgan Valley, NSW, Australia: Overview

March 2013


I'm usually a very organised traveler  I have our trips planed out usually a year in advance, I have anticipated trips thought through and semi-research many more months than that in advance, but I was busy with a new job, Waikiki and well just life, so by time we got around to booking airfares were outrageous and we decided maybe a location within driving distances might be an okay compromise and we could spend the flight money on better food and a better bed.


And that's the story of how we ended up staying at The Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort, in the Blue Mountains region. I've created this post as an overview, and then I'll break down the below three components as separate posts, so if you want more details just hang on a bit longer!

At The Emerites Wolgan Valley Resort in one of there Heritage Suites.


All meals are inclusive and fabulous


Two activities are included in the daily prices, including mountain biking, horse riding, nature walks, history tours and wildlife spotting.


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