Friday, January 11, 2013

Bills, Surry Hills, Australia

January 2012


I normally don't do restaurant reviews as stand alone posts, but we had family in town and did them as stand alone activities so here we are.


Bills is located in three spots in Sydney - Surry Hills, Woollahra and Darlinghurst. We had a late breakfast at the Surry Hills location on New Years Day.

Bills Breakfast

I expected it to be extremely busy, and while we did have to queue, the wait wasn't too long.

The coffee was quick and I really enjoyed my iced coffee (no cream and not too sweet).


$6 for Iced Coffee and $4.50 for standard large


The Corn Cakes were popular for the group (three out of five of us had them).


DH enjoyed the scrambled eggs with a side of fennel sausages (for me really) and a side of bacon.

$14.50 plus $5.50 for each of the sides

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