Monday, August 27, 2012

Capture the Colour

Katie at Katie not in Prague nominated me to take part in's Capture the Colour contest. I'm currently on the road, without access to my hard drive, so I've decided to choose photos from my blog that best capture the five colours best: blue, green, yellow, white, and red.

The blue in the sky and the blue of the water at Lake Titicaca, was nothing like the blue that we felt on a cold day in December 2010.

My DH thinks that there's a colour missing - Black, so that I could put a picture of his favourite sports team up here (the All Blacks), but instead we have the field at Eden Park during the 2011 RWC instead. If you've never been to a All Blacks game (especially one in which they play the Wallabies), you're missing out on an atmosphere that I've never experienced anywhere else, the floor feels like it's vibrating in anticipation.

This was taken towards the end of our trip in Croatia at the town of Rovinj in 2009. The yellow on the boat reminds me of sunshine for some reason and I often think of this shot.

Arequipa in Peru is known as the White City, and this shot was taken on the only clear morning we experienced there (and that didn't last for long).

I wish I had a picture of the Australia outback on me for this one, but instead I've had to "settle" for this shot in Sedona. This was a quick stop on our 2005 West side US trip, it was in May and I can still remember feeling the heat raising through the ground.

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  1. Great pictures! I really like the pic of the Croatian coastline. It makes me miss the Med.

  2. Thanks for the nomination, it's a great idea!

  3. Rovinj is such a beautiful place. Nice perspective.