Friday, July 27, 2012

Mauke, Cook Islands, 2012

Mauke is one of the 15 Islands of the Cook Islands, and about a 50 minute flight from Rarotonga. There are only three flights a week so you have to plan your trip well. It's also an Island where you will find few if any other tourists. There are two main spots to stay, there are no restaurants on the Island (bring your food with you or pre-arrange with your hosts) and the local store is only open between 5 pm to 7 pm, but that's part of the appeal. You can truly get away from it all.

We visited with family, and therefore had a little bit of inside information into the Island, but our hosts at the Tiare Cottages also helped.

Tiare Cottages. We struck it lucky with the O'Kiva Cottage on the point and a bit more secluded.

 O'Kiva at The Point

 One of the cottages

 The cooking and dinning area

As I mentioned there are no restaurants, no cafes so you must bring it all with you or pre-arrange with your hosts before you arrive.


  • For such a small Island (18 km to travel around in the truck) there is a lot to see. 
  • We actually spent a significant time just watching the waves.

  • Vai Ou Caves, they were not easy to find but were easy to navigate once we got there
  • We were lucky enough to see a whale at Arapaea Landing

  • The view at Anaiti Cove, and I love the story of Kea, who's grave is here

  • Te Oneroa is the a popular swimming beach and where I got the shot of the wave above, but it was way too rough to swim while we were there
  • The Divided Church, with the spectacular colours

  • The cave out to sea at Anaraura Beach
  • The giant Banyan tree (not on any map)

  • Sunset at "The Point" (on private land)

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