Thursday, June 9, 2011

West Coast USA 2005: An Introduction

May 2005

The main aim of this trip for me was to spend time with my aging Grandmother, DH required a bit of talking into, he had some stereotypical ideas of the US, big cities, loud people, big food and didn't turn around until I shared my ideas of our itinerary and the vast beautiful outdoors that the US has, he was sold.

The downside to these posts will be I didn't keep a trip diary, so I've reconstructed the details from the photos I have and the scrapbook I made on our return. Meaning there's not a whole lot of details for those of you looking for specifics.

The upside, is this was our first major trip with a digital camera, the technology has changed a lot since then but it was really the first time we took a large numbers of photos, because we didn't have to print them all and could edit them as we went!

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