Saturday, March 19, 2011

South East Asia Day 6

April 2008

It was an early morning start as we took the bus from the hotel in Bangkok to the Thailand/Cambodian boarder. The 3 hour bus trip went rather quickly though, and I guess considering the bus was comfortable, climate controlled and in good shape it's not surprising.

After clearing both sides of the boarders, and going through no mans land we finally got on the bus to take us on the "Dancing Road". This trip was definitely not as comfortable, the bus was old and there was no climate control, but I have to say we saw the true Cambodia in that 4 hour bus trip. Most people catch the plane from Bangkok to Siam Reap due to the state of the roads and the difficulties at the boarder, they pay exhorbitant prices due to Thai Airlines bribing the Cambodia government not to fix the road, and they miss out on seeing the rest of the countryside.

We checked in to our hotel, the wonderful Freedom Hotel (I highly recommend it), before going for a group dinner at Khmer Kitchen.

We finished off the night looking around the night market set up for tourists, and I still regret not buying a set of black and white photos of the temples.

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