Friday, June 25, 2010

Pretty Beach House - Wish list

My mother, being an avid traveller from a young age, is as notorious as I am for finding (and keeping) amazing places in airplane magazines, newspapers and other sources. She found this little gem, and knowing her daughter also likes to dream passed the link onto me.

A sister property to the also lovely Bells at Killcare, Pretty Beach House is located on the southern side of the Central Coast Region, just north of Sydney.

With all your meals cooked by the renowned Stefano Manfredi, the property only holds a maximum of 3 couples at one time, giving you almost exclusive access to the property. The Pretty Beach area is a great place for a nice drive, a quick swim or to browse in one of the boutique shops in the Killcare or Hardys Bay areas which are in the vicinity.

So why is this on the wish list and not something I can see myself enjoying in the near future? For the cost of a weekend, DH and I could visit his family in the Cook Islands or spend a week or two in Southern Asia.

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